My Favorite Reads: Recommendations for you

A few of you have been asking for some of the most recent books I’ve read that I mentioned in my previous post. So here they are! A list of novels for you go out and read.

I travel often for my full-time 9-5 job so I’m frequently in airports with massive layovers and nothing else to do but either sit in an airport lounge, or walk around and see what new reads I can find. Honestly, airport book stores are the best to shop for new books, because they always have the newest releases with plenty in stock (since free WIFI doesn’t exist on planes yet).

  1. Trafficked by Sophie Hayes


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This is exactly what it seems. I couldn’t put this novel down. I think I went through half a box of tissues crying, trying to force myself to relate to the horrors Hayes survived as she tells her story of being “Trafficked” and unwillingly put out on the streets in Italy. This is one brave girl to tell her story like this. One of the reasons I loved about it was that Hayes told how she helped make a difference in the human trafficking industry after being rescued. Seriously, a highly emotional, but good read on this underground multi-billion dollar industry that needs some more light shed on it.

2. Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica


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An amazing novel by Mary Kubica about a married woman who stumbles along a homeless girl and baby, and decides to help her by offering refuge in her own house. But it all goes downhill from there. Seriously, I think I read this in 3 days. It has some twists that’ll make you really think. And I love novels that make you think.

3. You are a Badass by Jen Sincero


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Yes, I’m serious! This book is AMAZING. I love this author so much. She really offers some great advice and motivation on living the best life possible. She gave some great ideas on helping to improve the parts of life where it just seems utterly impossible. Sincero will also give you a few laughs and amazing quotes along the way. Best self-help book EVER.

4. #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso


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What a great read. I think Netflix is making a movie or show out of this book, a little birdie (or random internet source) has told me. #GirlBoss is so perfect because it shows the power women are capable of achieving. Amoruso shares her personal success story and how she became the CEO of the online clothing store, NastyGal. #goals. It’s great to keep in your office desk because I still look back through it when I need some motivation or positivity while at work.

5. Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body by Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is probably one of the most amazing role models out there. In this really well-put-together book, she shares how she came to love her body. It’s a nice switch-up from all the other cliche fitness books you read about telling you to “cut out sugar” or “don’t eat carbs”. Kate’s book is different because it’s not her telling you what to do. It’s her giving you the resources and opportunities to become the best version of yourself possible. It isn’t a meal plan or a fitness schedule. It’s utter perfection. Way to go, Kate.

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There you have it! My 5 favorite books. Share in the comments below your thoughts or what you think of any of them. I’d love to hear!

xx Ashley


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