How To Live An Awesome Life

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears”.  – Anthony Robbins, author.

I frequently get asked the same kinds of questions. “Why Australia?”, “How did YOU get THAT job?” “Can you help ME get a job like YOU?” “How do you get to travel so much?” “Don’t you miss your family?”

These are all great questions, but I’ve noticed a pattern with these messages I’ve received.

First of all, I am not the most qualified person. I got average grades in school and had average social skills, but I knew what I wanted. So I went out and did it.I set myself up for success by surrounding myself with good energy.

It’s dangerous to compare your life with someone else’s. I had my moments when I wanted to be rich and famous like Kylie Jenner, but I knew I wouldn’t be happy living in Hollywood with a superficial lifestyle. This dream didn’t satisfy me enough. Why focus on others dreams and accomplishments when you are capable of building a life with your own?

A lot of us, myself included, tend to forget that many things happen by opportunity and all in good timing. In order to grow or do things we love, we have to take every single opportunity, even the good with the bad. It’s how we learn. They may not be the easiest-to-spot opportunities, and it may take a long time to come across any opportunity. But never give up. If you want something that bad, you will end up doing whatever it takes.Working hard will never fail you.

I’ve always had this la-la land mentality that I was going to live near the beach in a peaceful, beautiful city with the man of my dreams. I would write about it practically everyday in my journals. I would read countless amounts of books to inspire me everyday. I read books on the self-fulfillment prophecy, how to become motivated, romance novels, books on random countries growing up (I’ll write an article of my personal favorite ones here for you to check out here!), and still do to this day. I was constantly craving more information on the world around me.

Every morning, I start off the day with 5-10 minutes of meditation, praying, etc… whatever method you call appreciating the universal force that surrounds us. This positive mentality I implemented slowly gravitated me towards other positive and ambitious thinkers. Soon enough, I was traveling and studying overseas with like-minded people. I grew to love the mental place I was in overseas, and decided to build my entire life around this mentality.

Sometimes we can easily get caught up in the routine we are “taught” to think is the right thing to do. The best lie we’ve been taught is that life must be done in a certain way. In reality, there is no order. That order comes from what society has told us what to do, told our parents what to do, and our parent’s parents what to do. Learning how to break out of that cycle and do what YOU actually want to achieve in life is something that hasn’t been done much before our generation.

We are the generation lucky enough to travel, see the world, save our money and live on the verge of poverty in order to see the beautiful life around us and meet others from around the world. It’s a new phenomenon and it’s creating a more diverse world. While I am happy with what I have achieved so far I’m going to continue to be selfish and do the things that I dream to do so without a routine. I want to do the Great Wall of China marathon, skydive in the Swiss alps, backpack through Indonesia, and swim with the sharks in Africa.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in what we think we are supposed to be doing. There isn’t one way to do things either. The only way to become more open-minded and create big dreams is by experiencing other cultures, governments, and social norms outside of your comfort zone. Read a book about some place you’ve always wanted to go, instead of scrolling through Facebook one night. Close-mindedness will only keep you working in a cubicle with no hopes or dreams, and will not satisfy you in the long run. Like Sir Francis Bacon once said, “Knowledge is power”.

You don’t need to be rich to travel and see the world. The last few weeks before I graduated college, people kept asking me what I was doing after graduation, and I replied “I’m moving to Australia,” every. single. time. because that’s what I wanted. I didn’t have a job or a place to live, but I didn’t care. I wanted it that bad, so I made it happen.

If you want it so bad, you will make it work. So take the jump. Who’s holding you back?


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